Lise Wessels started drawing and painting as a young girl, not surprising with mom being an artist and the easel always a part of the furniture.

She studied fine art in Cape Town and then went off to explore the world. She painted huge vibrant murals in vibrant cities such as Cape Town and Amsterdam. Her African safari murals are found on many safari lodge walls in Botswana. In India her spiritual journey reflected in her paintings.

While flying as a contract pilot in African countries such as Botswana, Angola, DRC, Nigeria, Sudan and the middle East, her paintings reflected the raw beauty of such a diverse countries.

Her passion for flying also shows in many aviation paintings. She is now a commercial airline pilot, based in Cape Town, and in between flying all over South Africa, and following her other passions, Kite surfing and playing the violin, she escapes into her creative world regularly.

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